The Artist / La artista


Hello, I'm Carla Nicieza

My life is really all about adventure, about joy and love, I am a person who loves to create things, and being surrounded by beauty in all its shapes.

I think I started loving art since I was born, my dad is a painter and he made me develop the patience and the huge curiosity for colours and details.

We used to live in North Spain, next to the sea and the forest, always collecting flowers and berries from my grandma's garden.

I basically grew up barefoot climbing trees and singing songs in my ballet suit, and when I turned 20 I became myself a City girl, moving to Central London. 

Now I'm back in the mediterranean , some people say the Island has something magical that makes you stay. In my case it was the lifestyle, the calitas, the weather, the architecture...I never loose that "tourist fascination".