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December, 2021


December days in Copenhagen are cold and short, the perfect excuse to have brunch at Apotek 57, where “Hygge” is present in every corner: books, designer furniture, Danish toast with cheese and a boiled egg, and hot apple juice.

A few minutes by bike, we find the GANNI gallery, right in the center of the city, which includes a collective exhibition of artists, under the name of LET'S GO OUTSIDE: inspired by the reconnection with nature after the time in lockdown.

I was lucky enough to be selected to take part, with one of the rugs from Nicieza Studios, in this case, created exclusively for the Danish brand.

The piece of art represents a minimalist scene with elements of nature, curved with fun shapes, in keeping with the style of the brand, and its emblematic t-shirt with a smiling face.

Handmade with acrylic wool and the punching needle technique, it balances beautifully with the rest of the works, all made with different materials, and belonging to artists of nationalities from all over the world.

It's been a pleasure, Copenhagen, can't wait to see your colours in the Summer.

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