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There is truly nothing like four inspired minds working together.

On this warm morning we got up at 5 am and jumped straight into the vintage Nissan, on the hunt for the perfect coastal spot to welcome the sun.

A creative bond formed by mediterranean chicas: Beautiful Zara is the model, twin sisters Mika and Sylvia behind the camera lens, and me as stylist and filmmaker.

Zara is wearing:

- Outfit I and II - Swimwear from Ocean Child and handmade shell chain.

- Outfit III - Silky vintage shorts, Mango blouse, straw hat from Inawe, and Hunter boots.

I really believe sisterhood reaches another level of intimacy in such a comfortable and creative environment. A chat with these young women and a bit of sunlight will leave you with a motivation boost that lasts for days.

Socials: @sylviapolasz | @dominikapolasz | @zaraburfitt_ | @carlanicieza

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