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Imagine - It’s Spring, and the morning sun comes to playfuly meet the tall walls of Neuendorf house: a masterpiece created by architects John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin located in the south-east area of Mallorca.

The dusty pink colour on the walls integrates the home perfectly with the outside surroundings - a large finca filled with almond and olive trees - two of whom are holding a hammock: the perfect spot for a morning coffee with the cigarras playing.

Going back inside we find the Nicieza Studios prints prepared on the table, matching the tones of the very minimalist room. These art pieces are part of a commission order for Alli, who is getting married here at Neuendorf.

She thought it would be great to gift art to her close friends and family on such a special day - a simple piece that captures some of the elements of the wedding, like the chairs or the wild flowers chosen by her. The idea was to create something very subtle, a little illustration that everyone can take home, put in a frame and remember the day.

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