A couple of vintage candle holders inspired by the roughness of the rocks and the waves, with a very classic rustic shape.


These are part of a collection of upcycled pieces, found and hand-painted by the artist here on the Island, who gives a new life to these forgotten hand-made ceramics.

Every piece has a unique design.


* These two are originally handmade so the hole is slightly smaller in one of them - Designed for use with thin candles. Price is for one unit

Sea foam candle holder

34,90 €Price
  • Size: 14cm x 14cm


    Every object is finished with a matte protective varnish. Painted with acrylics, sand and coffee.

    To keep the product in perfect condition, it is recommended to place it as a decorative piece. 

    Do not use soap/dishwasher 


    - For shipping, every item is protectively wrapped in bubble wrap, tissue paper, and packed tightly into a cardboard box.